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Why Book Chuc

Would you (and your team) benefit from a speaker who has the following traits?

  • 1. Rich content

Each keynote or training presentation is loaded with specific, do-able strategies, ideas, and suggestions wrapped up with stories, examples, anecdotes, or metaphors to help audience members relate and remember.

  • 2. Up to date material

Chuc stays up to date with latest challenges by coaching individual clients where he sees first hand what actually works in today’s business environment. He also gathers ideas from the latest books and blogs.

  • 3. No canned stuff

Chuc partners with you and customizes his material to help your specific audience. No two presentations are alike.

  • 4. Customized and personal

Chuc researches and explores the special needs and issues facing each group he works with before he crafts his customized presentation. Thus, you can count on your group being educated and entertained while also achieving your broader objectives.

  • 5. Results driven

Chuc makes sure each member of the audience leaves with action steps they can implement within 24 hours. He almost always sticks around after speaking to make certain that audience members get answers to any questions they have about their personal situation.

  • 6. Entertaining

Chuc has been delivering presentations for over 20 years. He knows that audience members love humor, stories, metaphors, and anecdotes that help them understand new ideas and concepts.

  • 7. Engaging

Chuc doesn’t use a lectern or podium. He stays directly in front of the audience – and often walks into the audience – to engage audience members and involve them actively -- sometimes playfully, but always with a serious purpose.

  • 8. Empathetic

Most speakers who talk about Chuc’s topics have never been involved in the day-to-day challenges audience members face. Chuc sees daily challenges and develops the practical, real-world solutions he speaks about by coaching individual client on a regular basis.

  • 9. Expertise

Chuc not only wrote the books, “Get Your Ducks in A Row (How to Better Manage Your #1 Priority – Yourself)” and “Capture the Moment,” the National Speakers Association awarded him a CSP designation (Certified Speaking Professional) Only 400 of the 5,000 members of the Global Speakers Federation have been awarded this designation.

  • 10. Easy to work with

Since he is a “minutes count” specialist, you can count on the fact that Chuc arrives early to help you have a successful program. In advance of your program, he willingly solicits names of probable audience members so he can contact them in advance to gather examples of real world problems (and stories) they encounter. He then uses that information to make “minutes count” for your group.

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