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What You Gain

  • 1. Rich, useful content

Chuc's keynotes and training presentations are loaded with practical strategies wrapped up in stories, examples, and metaphors that help you relate and remember.

  • 2. Up to date material

As a coach for individual clients, Chuc sees first hand what does and doesn't work in today's workplace.

  • 3. Nothing “canned”

Chuc works as your partner. No two presentations are alike.

  • 4. Customized suggestions

He gathers your needs before crafting his presentations to make sure you get the help you want.

  • 5. Results driven

Chuc makes sure you leave with action steps you can implement within 24 hours.

  • 6. Entertaining

He adds humor, stories, metaphors, and anecdotes to help you smile, connect, and remember.

  • 7. Engaging

Chuc is very interactive. He often walks into the audience – to engage you and involve you actively.

  • 8. Empathetic

Having coached clients for years, Chuc is aware of the real-world challenges you face today.

  • 9. Expertise

As for content, Chuc wrote two books and, as for presentation skill, the National Speakers Association awarded Chuc a CSP designation (Certified Speaking Professional) Only 400 of the 5,000 members of the Global Speakers Federation have been awarded this designation.

  • 10. A helpful teammate

Chuc arrives early and does everything he can to make “minutes count" for you.

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