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"Chuc’s presentation for the National Speakers Association Academy was right on point. Speaking to speakers is no easy assignment and he was the right speaker for this tough audience. Chuc is a true professional and a speaker's speaker, and the insights and strategies shared about making effective presentations will never be forgotten. A great job!

— Mark LeBlanc, National Speakers Association, 2007-2008 President

"Chuc is a highlight for each of our conferences where he always gets a standing ovation for his “Get Your Ducks in A Row!” presentation, and our audiences rave about the skills they learn in his 90-minute “Capture the Moment” presentation."

— Kathy Small, Mind Power, Inc., Las Vegas, NV

"Before adopting the ideas Chuc Barnes showed me, I managed to survive somehow. Now, I can comfortably handle my activities with the confidence that enables me to concentrate on the task at hand. That gift is invaluable."

— Rob Richardson, Santa Ana City Council Member, Santa Ana, CA

"Chuc Barnes delivered exactly what he promised. He explored our needs thoroughly, customized the program to meet our organizational needs; used an instructor-led and participant-centered interactive approach that resulted in knowledge retention and application; and he created a learning environment in which everyone laughed and had a lot of fun."

— Debra Sweeten Child Health Investment Company, Shawnee Mission, KS

"Chuc worked with audiences from all four of our offices to help them with time management skills and presentation skills. His preparation, presentations and energy were contagious, positive and fun; and his message and help were invaluable on the job and in our every day lives."

— Hiliary Bower Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, Mechanicsburg, PA

"It is an honor and a pleasure to comment on the exceptional abilities of Mr. Chuc Barnes as a speaker and a gentleman. We selected him as the only outside speaker we will use for work with our current and future managers from 97 countries. Chuc's grasp of the topics and his ability to present with authority, wisdom, humor, and personal understanding make him the top choice for us."

— Norman Wallace, ABS Consulting, Houston, TX

"It is with a sense of gratitude that I seize this opportunity to boast about Mr. Chuc Barnes. Believe me when I say that we are witness to a myriad of different personal and professional personality and teaching styles. Without either reservation or hesitation, I place Chuc above all others when it comes to our audience's acceptance of him as someone who is committed to doing the best job possible. He is passionate about delivering precise information that will meet our personal and professional needs."

— LeRoy Taylor, SpawMaxwell Company, Houston, TX

"Just wanted you to know what a pleasure it has been to deal with Chuc Barnes all these years. From our first training session together back in 1998 through all the other training since, it has always been a good experience and our people always walk away with the feeling that their time was well spent in a great learning experience. In fact, our people always mention Chuc's name whenever the topic of training comes up."

— Patricia A. Pucci, McGettigan Partners, Philadelphia, PA

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