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10 quick questions for you:

Do you make presentations to challenging groups?
Do you want more poise when presenting?
Do you want to think on your feet more easily?
Do you want to create your presentations quicker?
Are you willing to face your speaking fears?
Do you respect the time of your audience?
Do you respect the opinions of your audience?
Do you recognize how important "audience involvement" is?
Are you willing to test fresh ideas and methods?
Are you willing to make changes for improvement?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you'll like the way Chuc's "Capture the Moment" presentation skills training gives you:

Knowledge - You learn what you need to know to be an effective presenter for any type of group.
Skills - You identify and develop skills critical to your success from an audience perspective.
Confidence - You boost your confidence for creating and delivering presentations.

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You'll appreciate the way Chuc zeros in on four core areas:

Direction – Know your presentation objective and how to achieve it
Game plan – Follow a blueprint that stirs audience interest
System – Know how to organize and dramatize key points
Panache – Add to your style, flair, poise, and self-confidence

Best of all, you'll walk away with practical ideas you can apply for more:

Focus – on audience needs, timing, pacing.
Control – over message, questions, and nerves
Influence – as the presenter to any audience
Impact – for your message and outcome

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Note: if you're a meeting planner, choose the points you want for your group from this samples program description:

Capture The Moment Discussion Document

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