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Managing Yourself

10 quick questions for you:

Is time important to your success?
Do you set your own priorities?
Are you challenged by multiple priorities?
Do you move around in your job (not desk bound)?
Do you make the decisions as to how your day is constructed?
Do you want balance in your business and personal life?
Do you want the clearest possible communications with your associates?
Do you think like an entrepreneur?
Do you head up a company, or have responsibility for a project, territory, or account?
Are you willing to make any necessary changes?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above questions, you'll like the way Chuc's "Get Your Ducks In A Row!" presentation provides you with:

Knowledge - You learn what you need to know to better manage your #1 priority--yourself!
Skills - You identify and develop skills critical of your success.
Confidence - You boost your confidence for simplifying days and accomplishing the priorities that need to be done.

You'll appreciate the way Chuc zeros in on four cornerstones:

Direction – Know exactly where you’re going
Game plan – Create a specific blueprint for success
System – Know how to prioritize quickly, easily, effectively
Benchmarks – Set checkpoints to stay on track

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Best of all, you'll walk away with practical ideas you can implement for more:

Focus – on key priorities, today, tomorrow, next month
Control – over schedules, e-mail, voicemail, paper
Order – in work area, team interactions, daily activities
Balance – between personal and professional priorities

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And in Chuc's keynote presentations, you'll like the way he:

Encourages you to examine (and even laugh at) your current situation
Engages you with compelling stories and examples from his one-on-one consultations
Persuades you to adopt a “minutes count mindset” so you leave with practical ideas you can apply to get more done and have more useful time.

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Note: if you're a meeting planner, choose the points you want for your group from this sample program description and Chuc will customize his material for you:

Get Your Ducks In A Row Discussion Document


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